Baemin stands in the top 3 Foodtech tycoons after only 2 years: Are marketing and big promotions enough?




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Joining the market later than competitors, Baemin, a food delivery application of South Korean unicorn Woowa Brothers has established itself as top 3 food tech company in Vietnam to provide users with an affordable and seamless experience.

Having been concentrated on big marketing & promotion campaigns since the beginning, however Baemin realizes that the key to customer retention is service quality which mainly depends on partner capability. Thus, they want to build a CRM system to optimize experience and engagement with merchants and riders.

Centralized & integrated data from multi-channels for experience optimization

Baemin’s CRM system is not only a data storage but also a standardized and unified data system. All data is aligned to create riders/ merchants’ profiles; then continuously updated, enriched and refined real time. Reviewers of customers, merchants from multiple channels such as applications, customer service channels and social networks are also integrated with the system for easy monitoring leading to timely solution provision. Therefore, Baemin can ensure the highest level of experience satisfaction. Once Baemin is able to handle the data well, the interaction with merchants or riders maintained through automated messages will further enhance the experience in a more positive way.

Processing automation for operating time reduction

Approval flows are automatically implemented by Blueprint (process design) and customizable to meet the requirements of different tasks, ensuring documents are delivered to the right people involved following the correct order of responsibility. So, the e-contracts, the process of receiving new partners, liquidating cooperation with old partners are execute online quickly and professionally.

A demonstration of an automated system for a food delivery app

Flexible customization for business scalability

Once the goal of fast and accurate deployment is achieved, Baemin and SmartOSC DX aim for the system flexibility to optimize business scalability. For example, in order to meet such requirements as increasing/decreasing the number of merchants/drivers; changing the flow of aprroval procedures; etc., CRM has taken advantage of features namely cloud, flow. These features give the system the flexibility to expand and update, instead of fixing the entire current system. In comparision with Baemin’s outstanding growth, flexibility is extremely necessary to implement the receiving, training and supporting processes as quickly as possible.

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