The integration of Zoho People with Zoho Directory creates bundles of advantages for administrators. For example, it helps handle identity and users’ access without any hassles. You can also secure the accounts completely on this platform. The Guidelines Firstly, use your Zoho credentials to sign in via Then, select Settings > Integrations > Zoho Directory > Configure (Notably, the Configure button will be View Details when […]

In an organization, there could be a requirement for managing attendance and shifts of employees amidst a large workforce. Although the administrator and reporting managers can view, edit attendance entries, assign shifts, they could already have a handful of tasks and not have the time to manage these operations specifically. To improve convenience and for focused management, a specifically assigned Module Admin can be used. An Attendance Module Admin has […]

An HRIS software becomes an integral part of HR staff to manage all employees efficiently within a single integrated platform. It also helps organizations keep the workforce productive, happy, and engaged. Do you know who are the key users of HRIS software? Not only do HR team members get benefits from this platform, but employees, payroll officials, and managers also make use of it to […]

Workday offers a cloud-based HRIS solution to help organizations streamline and manage their HR operations from a single system. With their HRIS solution, Workday aims to improve essential aspects of HR management, including HR planning, employee experience, employee engagement, and people analytics. Though Workday is feature-rich with different options and capabilities, the HRIS solution is not very straightforward or convenient to use. With a less […]

ERP and HRIS are among the top software for Human Resource department in an organization. These systems offer HR solutions; however, there are differences between ERP and HRIS.  Therefore, I’ve prepared the definitions, the differences between two systems in this article. In addition, there is the final selection for HR professionals to use in the companies. What are ERP and HRIS? Enterprise Resource Planning or […]

Every day there are numerous actions performed in the Zoho People account. Thus, manually tracking changes can be a cumbersome task consuming hours of HR professionals. To automate these tasks, Zoho People develops the activity log feature. It also helps track and store information on the changes for up to six months. The article includes the benefits of this feature as well as the explanation of the […]

In Zoho People, a service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between the administrative teams (Human Resources or Admin) and the end user that defines the level of service expected. You can create SLAs in Cases. SLAs define the timelines for the closing of a case and provide actions for escalation when the timelines are not met. Multiple SLAs can be created for a particular […]

IS 642819 ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 27001 is one of the most widely recognized independent international security standards. This certificate is awarded to organizations that comply with ISO’s high global standards. Zoho has earned ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for Applications, Systems, People, Technology, and Processes Applicable to- All cloud services and on-premise products of Zoho, ManageEngine,  Site24x7, WebNMS and GSP Solution  PM 732705 ISO/IEC 27701 ISO/IEC 27701 is an extension to the ISO/IEC […]

Having on-premises software requires you to install the program in your computer or server, and that can be tiring for both you and your employees. According to the study “Diving into Cloud services,” almost 93% of the surveyed organizations are using some form of cloud-based service to run their business. This shows the rapid shift towards cloud-based software, likely because it provides convenient access through a […]

Yes, we know the ‘HR Predictions for 2021’ ship has already sailed. But, that’s not what we are discussing here. We are here to discuss how the predictions from the end of last year have fared. This will be a two part blog, allowing for shorter reading time and greater time to reflect on the thoughts shared below. Two quarters have passed in the year […]

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