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integrate zoho recruit with zoho people

How To Integrate Zoho Recruit With Zoho People?

Have you ever wondered how to integrate Zoho Recruit with Zoho People? This process can be as easy as a piece of cake with the detailed instruction below. What Are Advantages Of Integration? The Zoho People integration allows you to integrate your Zoho People account with Zoho Recruit. You can now easily convert every successful…

employee self-service in zoho people

Employee self-service in Zoho People

An Introduction To An Employee Self-service In Zoho People ESS or Employee Self-service plays an important role in an HRIS. Similarly, The employee self-service in Zoho People brings a lot of benefits to employees and HR staff. It helps reduce time/cost, increase information accuracy, and keep employees engaged.  Zoho People’s ESS portal includes diverse built-in…

Introduction To Employee Self-service Portal

The employee self-service portal is a useful feature integrated into the most modern HRIS. It brings many benefits for both employees and HR professionals. Time savings, cost savings, information accuracy are to name a few. Continue to read this article to learn more about this feature!   What Is Employee Self-service? Employee self-service has an abbreviation…

zoho directory

Zoho Directory Guidelines & 4 Main Features

The integration of Zoho People with Zoho Directory creates bundles of advantages for administrators. For example, it helps handle identity and users’ access without any hassles. You can also secure the accounts completely on this platform. The Guidelines Firstly, use your Zoho credentials to sign in via Then, select Settings > Integrations > Zoho Directory…

facial recognition in zoho people

How To Use The Facial Recognition In Zoho People?

Zoho People integrates facial recognition technology to capture user image to validate user identity while checking-in or out. The facial recognition feature operates only via the Zoho People version on the mobile app.  The Benefits Of Facial Recognition In Zoho People The facial recognition feature brings along various benefits for users while using Zoho People on mobiles phone….

attendance check in zoho people

Attendance Module Administrator In Zoho People

In an organization, there could be a requirement for managing attendance and shifts of employees amidst a large workforce. Although the administrator and reporting managers can view, edit attendance entries, assign shifts, they could already have a handful of tasks and not have the time to manage these operations specifically. To improve convenience and for focused management, a…

users of an hris

Who Are Users Of An HRIS Software?

An HRIS software becomes an integral part of HR staff to manage all employees efficiently within a single integrated platform. It also helps organizations keep the workforce productive, happy, and engaged. Do you know who are the key users of HRIS software? Not only do HR team members get benefits from this platform, but employees,…

8 Reasons To Use Workday As An HRIS In Your Organization

Workday offers a cloud-based HRIS solution to help organizations streamline and manage their HR operations from a single system. With their HRIS solution, Workday aims to improve essential aspects of HR management, including HR planning, employee experience, employee engagement, and people analytics. Though Workday is feature-rich with different options and capabilities, the HRIS solution is…

erp vs hris

What are the differences between ERP and HRIS?

ERP and HRIS are among the top software for Human Resource department in an organization. These systems offer HR solutions; however, there are differences between ERP and HRIS.  Therefore, I’ve prepared the definitions, the differences between two systems in this article. In addition, there is the final selection for HR professionals to use in the…

What Are Benefits Of Activity Log Feature In Zoho People?

Every day there are numerous actions performed in the Zoho People account. Thus, manually tracking changes can be a cumbersome task consuming hours of HR professionals. To automate these tasks, Zoho People develops the activity log feature. It also helps track and store information on the changes for up to six months. The article includes the benefits…

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