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SmartOSC DX is one of the best experts in APAC and provides customer solutions relating to Zoho Products

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what we DO

Understand customer needs and business processes then create a prototype of client-side implementation and a roadmap for how we plan to integrate.

Implement and customize solutions to fit customers’ needs and business processes. Use Smartzoho’s case studies and customer success stories to make compelling demonstrations.

 Integrate your solution with one or more of Zoho’s products to add value to the customer experience.

Train our customer to get the most value for their business with our products and provide ongoing consulting and support as customer needs change or evolve.



Make it easier for HR managers to process staff payroll in an accurate, timely and secure manner.

Ensure compliance with local insurance and tax regulations.

Being able to adapt to related regulatory changes with simple and flexible configurations.


Focus more on growing your business than on managing business onsite expenses.

Comprehensive business travel expense reporting software.

Automatically creates allowances for trip requests based on the default per-diem rate and the individual countries your employees are traveling to.

Set up multi-level, sophisticated approval flows for travel requests and ensure all travel expenses are accounted for.

Customizable travel policies.

Submit expenses during the trip to ensure no expense is missed then easily reimburse later.


Engage in employees conversations – anytime, anywhere.

Focus on what matters the most – supporting your employees in every single issue such as: quick support, purchasing requests- processes, advance – payment – clearance, etc.

Customize approval rules followed your requirements.

Stay connected with your users with an easy-to-use Service Request Moduled.

Let nothing get in the way of you engaging with your employees

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Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.