We are back again with our monthly product updates, and we’re extremely thrilled to roll out these new features and enhancements. These features enhance and upgrade our product, making it more useful to our customers.

August product updates in Zoho People

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Create learning plans in Zoho People’s LMS with several courses and levels to provide a more focused learning experience to your employees.
  • Specify the period (Day/Week/Month) within which employees must submit their timesheets for approval.
  • Define the minimum and maximum hours that employees must log for a day or week. If the minimum hours are not met or the maximum hours are exceeded, both employees and approvers will receive a prompt.
  • Enable employees to request an extension for self-appraisal periods if they were unable to complete their self-review within the specified period.

Source: Zoho

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