How To Use The Facial Recognition In Zoho People?

Zoho People integrates facial recognition technology to capture user image to validate user identity while checking-in or out. The facial recognition feature operates only via the Zoho People version on the mobile app. 

The Benefits Of Facial Recognition In Zoho People

The facial recognition feature brings along various benefits for users while using Zoho People on mobiles phone. You can refer to the advantages of this technology below:

  • Confirming employee presence in office premises, remote work location, or a project site
  • Preventing attendance fraud, data theft, and other malicious activities
  • Reducing manual supervision thanks to face-matching feature to check the captured image with the already stored photo in Zoho People’s profiles
  • Verifying the employee presence manually by accessing stored images

Note:  This feature of Zoho People is only available for devices running iOS 10.1, or Android 7.6.1, or higher operating systems.

How To Enable Facial Recognition In Zoho People?

To enable facial recognition go to Attendance Settings General Settings. Now scroll down to Permissions, Enable the required options highlighted in the screenshot below and click Submit.

  • If you want to Capture and save the photo without no face-matching, please only enable the first option Capture and save a photo when employee checks-in or checks-out using the mobile app.
  • The second option Capture and verify photo when an employee checks-in or checks-out using the mobile app is for verifying the captured image with the stored profile image.
  • If you would like to both save and also verify, then enable both options as shown below.

Employees have to capture and verify photo when they Check-in/Check-out or take a break.

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If facial recognition is only required for remote location users or a specific shift group, this can be achieved by enabling facial recognition within a particular group in the User/Shift Specific Settings
Firstly, go to Attendance Settings User/Shift Specific Settings Add Settings. Then, configure settings as required and enabled the facial recognition-related features as shown below.

2 Functions Of Facial Recognition


  1. Open the Zoho People mobile app and click Check-in.
  2. Take a photo (First time users may require to authorize camera permission)
  3. The captured photo will then be face-matched and check-in action will be performed. (Face matching is performed comparing captured image and the existing profile image in Zoho People)
  4. Repeated 3 steps above for check-out and when taking a break using the mobile app.

For example, another employee tries to check-in as Randall Gladstone. Then the face-matching AI will detect that it’s not the same person and there-by prevent check-in just as shown below.

Manual verification by accessing saved images 

Administrators, reporting managers, or users who want to view saved images to manually verify authenticity can follow the steps:

  • Navigate to Attendance List View
  • Select the photo you want to access
  • Choose the corresponding attendance record and click on the profile icon (the screenshot below)

The manual verification option can help users confirm the employee presence in offices.

Source: Zoho

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