Handy HR forms and templates

What are HR Forms?
HR Forms in Zoho People are statutory forms that are created by a government that serve as a model or a free form to be used. They usually meet all legal requirements and can be used without any textual changes…

Where is this useful ?
There are some important statutory forms such as the I-9 form (in the United States), that are often used while inducting new employees into the organization. This action can be completed in a quick and effective manner using these HR forms.

HR Forms house important statutory forms that you can use to:

  • Share with many or all employees in your organization by converting the form into an organization file.
  • Send for e- signatures to multiple employees from organization files.

To share an HR Form with multiple employees:

  1. Go to Files > HR Forms & Templates.
  1. Click the ellipsis icon beside the form you want to share.
  2. Click Move to Organization Files.
  1. Enter and edit the details, wherever required.
  1. Click Submit.

To send an HR form for e-sign:

  1. Go to Files > Organization files.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon beside the form, now converted as a file.

All the required signature fields will be auto populated.

  1. To send for signature directly, select Send for Signature. If All Employees is selected, then the file will be sent to all the applicable employees for e-sign. Otherwise choose Select Employees and add employees.If you want to make changes to the signature fields before sending, click Edit Signature Template.
  1. Make the required changes to the file and click Save.
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HR Templates..

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What are HR Templates?
HR Templates in Zoho People are common HR documents used by the HR department in organizations to guide and manage employees

The Company Handbook Template can be edited and used to inform employees about the organization’s vision, mission, goals, and policies. The handbook is usually handed out to all new members in an organization.

The template can be:

  • Customized based on the region it is to be applied to. For example, a company handbook for India will vastly vary with that of the US region.
  • Shared with the applicable location, department and other criteria.
  • Sent for e-sign to the applicable recipients.

To customize and share the Company Handbook with applicable recipients:

  1. Go to Files > HR Forms and Templates.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon beside company handbook.
  1. Click Edit Template.
  2. Click on the template.
  1. Make the necessary changes and click Done.
  2. Click Proceed in the popup message that appears.
  1. Return to the template and click the ellipsis icon beside it.
  2. Click Merge and Add to Organization files.
  3. Preview the data that you have merged and click Add to Organization Files.
  1. Enter and edit the details wherever required.
  1. Click Submit.

To send the edited company handbook for e-sign to applicable recipients.

  1. Go to Files > Organization files.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon beside the file.
  3. Select Setup signature template.
  1. Enter the name of the file and other required details.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Add the required fields in the file for e-sign.
  1. Click Save.

Source: Zoho

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