7 ways human resource management can drive sales success

7 ways human resource management can drive sales success

Sales teams can only be as successful as their weakest link. Good human resource management practice is key to mitigating risk and maximizing potential in any company. But did you know that they could also be a driving force behind sales success?

By implementing the right human resource management practices, your team can hit its targets more easily and consistently. Here are seven ways HR can help your sales department succeed.

7 Ways Human Resource Management Can Boost Sales

1. Select the best candidates

HR plays a role in helping an organization succeed since successful businesses need good employees. In terms of values, skill sets, talents, or personality qualities, they can recruit top sales professionals and ensure that these new recruits are a suitable fit for both the culture and the requirements of your sales team.

7 ways human resource management can drive sales success

Therefore, HR needs to comprehend the numerous roles involved in the sales process. Sales teams now carry out duties that previously belonged to BDRs (Business Development reps) and AEs (Account Executives). Functions like customer success and sales engineering are important for businesses to grow and retain clients.

2. Implement onboarding effectively

Before being put to clients, HR should ensure that all new hires have an onboarding period to become acquainted with the organization’s objectives and core values. 

You have the opportunity to lay out the rules during onboarding. Depending on your company culture and employee value proposition, this experience will vary (i.e., why they took the job in the first place).

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For instance, high-performance cultures will strive to give every new employee the impression that they have been selected for the league’s best squad. On the other end of the spectrum, cultures that value family will wish to emphasize support and understanding in orientation.

3. Train them to do their duties more effectively

Sales organizations must promote a learning culture if they want their salespeople to stay at the top of their game. It is possible to implement a learning system, arrange training sessions, or offer course reimbursements.

You may further ensure that your sales team is familiar with your product mix by offering them the chance to learn about the products and services your firm offers. To boost cross-selling opportunities, this is critical in complex sales organizations.

7 ways human resource management can drive sales success

So, the need for continual education is equally important for management. Management can receive input from HR about what is working and what isn’t so they can make changes.

4. Keep salespeople motivated and fulfilled in their roles

Sales are significantly influenced by employee morale. Happier employees are more productive, produce more significant results, and are more eager to go above and beyond.

By being proactive about employees’ needs and work/life balance, HR can enhance employee satisfaction and, in the process, boost retention and performance.

Salespeople will always compare their circumstances to those of their colleagues, whether they should or not, so make sure that remuneration, perks, and policies are up to par or better than the industry average.

5. Set up a clear roadmap for development

HR can also act as a bridge between the company and its employees to encourage feedback from staff members about what they want for themselves, their employment, and the company.

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This could take the shape of mentorship programs that link novice sales representatives with seasoned sellers or leadership development programs for staff members wishing to advance in their professions.

Because of this, you are giving salespeople clear instructions will help them stay motivated even when things are tough and keep your sales engine operating.

6. Create a plan for competitive sales compensation

The importance of remuneration as a sales incentive can be emphasized. The strategy must have the right commission structure, be easy for salespeople to comprehend, and generously reward their efforts for it to be successful.

Your plan must strike the right balance between commission rates and quotas to keep rep motivation high. Quotas should be challenging enough for reps to feel motivated, but not so challenging that they believe they can’t take it. Commissions should be generous enough for reps to feel motivated.

7 ways human resource management can drive sales success

Besides, ensure that the sales team is aware of and understands your sales compensation plan because if they don’t, they won’t be motivated to close deals. When changing the program, keep your plan as straightforward as possible and create a communication plan.

7. Offer competitive benefits

Last but not least, if you’re a company that offers benefit packages through payroll deductions, including healthcare coverage or retirement plans, always keep things up to date to stop your personnel from making decisions based on outdated information. Making ensuring your 401K plan is similar to those provided by other companies in your industry is part of this.


Human resources management is a critical component of any business, but it’s especially important in sales organizations. Implementing the right HR strategies can help you drive success and achieve your goals. If you want to learn more about how human resource management can impact your sales organization, or if you need help implementing these strategies, contact SmartOSC DX today. We’re experts in HR and we can help you create a strategy that works for your company and helps you reach your sales targets. 

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