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Why It’s Important for Your Employee’s to Be Happy and Healthy

If you have recently conducted a review of your company and found that your staff are unhappy, you’re probably feeling a little stressed yourself. However, the wellbeing of your employees is extremely important, and plays a vital role in the success of your company. In this article, we are going to take a look at six different reasons why it is so important for your staff to be happy and healthy. Let’s get started.

Increased productivity

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One of the main reasons why it is so critical to have happy and healthy employees in your workplace is productivity. Many studies have been conducted to prove this, with some individuals being 20% more productive when they work in a welcoming environment.

When you break it down, it really does make sense. An unhappy individual is going to mope around the workplace, avoiding their jobs. While someone interested in their work is going to get the more done. It’s simple maths.

Better quality work

Similar to improved productivity, other studies have found that when an employee is happy, the overall quality of their work improves. On top of this, they are more likely to take calculated risks, take on leadership tasks, and come up with inventive new ideas. If you’re looking to get started, have a look at these corporate wellness platforms. They really can make a difference!

Positive attitudes

Poor attitudes in the workplace can lead to a range of issues, from customer complaints and even staff complaints. It really can be a headache, having to manage all of the various disputes. However, a happy employee is going to have a positive attitude, which can also rub off on others in the workplace. It really is contagious!

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Support network

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While some individuals are never going to get along, studies into employee productivity have shown that happy individuals are more likely to be collaborative with their team. This creates a substantial support network within your company, with individuals helping each other to achieve their goals and sharing new ideas. Take a look at these ways to keep employees happy for more advice.

Low staff turnover

If you currently have a high staff turnover, with many individuals leaving your company at once, your employees might be dissatisfied. The fact is, those that are happy will stay at their job and be loyal to their employer. If they do have to leave for a particular reason, they are more likely to recommend your business then if they had a negative experience.

Happier customers

Lastly, if you have happy staff, and your company is improving in all of the above areas than chances are you will have more satisfied customers too that will fall in love with your business. This just goes to show how vital staff morality is, and why you should make it one of your number one priorities.

And that’s it! When it all comes down to it, happy staff equals a more prosperous, productive, and motivated workplace. So, when you get the chance, try and find ways to improve moral and help your employees feel valued. It really can make a big difference and might even reduce the stress that you have been feeling yourself. Good luck!

Source: gethppy.com

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