How To Use Employee Dashboard In Zoho People?

Zoho People provides a lot of features to help HR teams in daily tasks through a all-in-one platform. Among these features, the employee dashboard in Zoho People is helpful for employees and HR professionals.

It allows users to view various widgets directing to quick access to abundant information. Here, you can learn more on the available widgets and the customizable dashboards in this feature.

Widgets In Dashboard In Zoho People

Only the widgets with the proper permissions will be displayed for the employee. 

  • New Hires list
  • Web check-in 
  • Favorites 
  • Birthday Folks
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Work Anniversary
  • Department Members
  • Announcements 
  • Leave Reports
  • List of upcoming holidays
  • Cases 
  • Time logs (How to create time logs)
  • Timesheets
  • Pending Jobs
  • My Pending goals
  • Pending Tasks
  • Billable/ Non-Billable
  • Files (Organization and Employee files) 

Dashboard customization

There are a whole host of actions and employee can perform:

  • Personalize your dashboard with the widgets
  • Drag and drop, enable and disable, and reorder widgets

Suppose you want to have web check-in, pending goals, and pending tasks widgets to appear at the top of your dashboard. You can drag and drop them to the top. If you don’t want birthday and anniversary widgets, you can disable them.

To customize your dashboard,

  1. Click on the Customize Widgets icon in the top-right corner
  2. Go to the respective widget you want to enable or disable
  3. Drag and drop the widgets in your preferred order
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The Bottom Line

Now you’ve learnt more on the employee dashboard in Zoho People. Let’s try Zoho People and optimize the HR management.

Source: Zoho

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