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Effective November 1st 2020, a maximum of 1000 merges in a month, can be generated by an organization, free of cost. Every record data merge is considered as one merge. This limitation applies to all merges generated, including those in Onboarding, Automation, E-Sign and Forms.

Zoho Writer has limits on how many merges you can generate with your account. All users in Zoho Writer’s free plan can perform up to 10 merges per day, and up to 200 merges a month. Users in any of the paid plans of a Zoho product Zoho Writer is integrated with can perform up to 1000 merges a month.

If you’re looking for bulk merge-limits, or to increase your monthly limits, please subscribe to the new Document Automation add-on from Writer. Here’s a quick look at the different affordable plans available:

New Additional Limits:

With the add-on, you can manually increase your limit up to 4,000 merges per month, at 5 cents per merge after the first 1000 free merges. So in case you increase your limit to 2500 merges, you will be paying only for the difference, ie., 2500 – 1000 = 1500 merges.

– The plan is available in flexible intervals such as 1500, 2000, 2500, and more till 4000 merges.

Custom Limits:

With this plan, you can increase your limit up to 10,000 merges per month. Though not directly available from the interface, you can write to us at [email protected] for pricing, and to enable this for you.

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– Similar to Level I, the first 1000 merges will be free. You will be paying only for the difference.- This plan too, is available in flexible intervals such as 4500, 5000, 5500, and more till 10000 merges.

Source: Zoho

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