4 inspiring use cases of enterprise digital transformation

4 inspiring use cases of enterprise digital transformation

Digital transformation is not simply a trendy subject right now. This is the truth for many businesses that wish to maintain their competitiveness and pay attention to customer feedback. Learn about some amazing examples of successful enterprise digital transformation and the businesses that underwent it, enabling them to reach a higher level of growth.

Why the need for enterprise digital transformation?

4 inspiring use cases of enterprise digital transformation

Whether it’s the way we advance digitally, our political atmosphere, or the temperature on our planet itself, the globe is constantly changing. And this evolution highlights our fundamental capacity for change adaptation as humans. To claim that the internet has irrevocably impacted our lives would be an understatement. We are still adapting and opening up new possibilities as a result of that technological advance to become even more linked.

This correlation also holds true for how quickly the physical and digital worlds are merging. wherein our online behavior has an impact on our offline experiences, and vice versa. We have a solid foot in the analog world and are confidently walking into the digital one.

4 use cases of enterprise digital transformation

In this essay, we’ll delve further into 4 examples of successful digital transformation initiatives by businesses.


Sports footwear business behemoth NIKE has begun concentrating on mobile devices. It makes use of cutting-edge technology based on machine learning and recommendation algorithms.

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The business, among other things, developed a smartphone app that aids in selecting the appropriate kind of shoe based on a leg scan. The application scans the feet and builds a map of them using 13 different data points. Additionally, the program gives the business access to crucial data that will help it develop future footwear initiatives that will be even better.

The digital transformation of NIKE demonstrates how innovation may also result in the modernization of a company’s internal operations. 6,000 footwear materials have been digitalized to help design teams at companies operate more quickly and effectively. The speed of responding to market demands is directly impacted by this.


4 inspiring use cases of enterprise digital transformation

Enterprise digital transformation is more about redefining how an end user (or other stakeholders) interacts with your products or services than it is about how technology is used and IT-related decisions. Disney’s product or service isn’t immediately apparent. One may claim that it’s their films, parks, or the power of the brand itself. However, if you look closely, Disney’s main line of work is marketing.

Disney established Disney+, bought several well-known entertainment companies, and heavily invested in personalization. The MyMagic+ wristbands that park visitors receive are one example of digital personalization. The wristbands feature RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification) incorporated that let users pay for goods and services, reserve rides, enter hotels and more.


Glassdoor is in charge of promoting workplace transparency and assisting job seekers by enabling them to access millions of peer-to-peer reviews on businesses, which might include information on the entire culture of the organization, its CEOs, benefits, pay, and more.

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To give job seekers and employers the most accurate job recommendations possible, Glassdoor collects and analyzes employee feedback about businesses. Additionally, it enables enterprises and recruitment agencies to extract important data points for in-depth research and reporting.


4 inspiring use cases of enterprise digital transformation

Microsoft is yet another outstanding example of enterprise digital transformation mentioned in this essay. This market leader in software sales has thus far relied on the strength of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and BOX versions of the Windows operating system, as well as the commonly installed Microsoft Office. The corporation chose not to only base its approach on Windows, instead adapting to shifting customer needs.

First, Microsoft made itself more accessible to mobile devices by offering, for instance, Office for iPad. Additionally, the business has made investments in cloud computing by forming partnerships with services like Dropbox and expanding its OneDrive offering. Amazon and Red Hat, a provider of open-source software, are also partners of Microsoft.


We sincerely hope that you enjoyed these examples of enterprise digital transformation. If the examples of apps that transformed these businesses encouraged you to think about doing the same, Contact us and we’ll have a solution ready for you!

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