Shred outdated processes with hr digital transformation

Shred outdated processes with hr digital transformation

There is a ton of paperwork, including for applicant management and onboarding as well as payroll, attendance tracking, and performance management. The adoption of technology-based platforms for these procedures is part of the HR digital transformation. Technology, however, is not the transformation’s only driver. It’s not even where to begin.

What is HR digital transformation?

Shred outdated processes with hr digital transformation

Leadership, culture, and employee productivity are the foundations of companies effectively undergoing an HR digital transformation. This broader change in the workplace is merely supported by technology and enhanced process efficiency.

For instance, your meeting scheduling app might let you schedule a meeting for 8:30 AM, but what if some of the invitees have to do some errands at that time? Before implementing HR digital transformation, it is crucial to understand the needs of your employees and what is significant to your corporate culture.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind when you are trying to understand the definition of this digital transformation is that a corporation is never truly “digitally changed.” This is a process that will change to accommodate how people live and function in the future—today, the following year, and decades from now. The objective should be to support your employees in their current positions, hiring practices, and working preferences.

HR digital transformation benefits

Less Time Wasted

In light of the aforementioned, it’s also important to remember that printed papers carry some risk. For the majority of businesses, a flood, fire, break-in, or lost paperwork can mean disaster. Digitization not only saves time but also shields the user from loss of money.

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Easier Access

Even if you digitize paper documents, they could still stay in the same place. Hence, there is still a risk to your data. You’ll also run into the issue of distant workers being unable to access it. Without addressing this problem, implementing automation will be difficult as well.

Additionally, you’ll discover that easier-to-access papers will facilitate job routing. Your teams will function more effectively as a result.

Shred outdated processes with hr digital transformation

Better employee engagement

A digital transformation can flourish in people operations. The emergence of people operations appears to coincide with the development of automation. You’ll want to personalize and synchronize a working atmosphere if you want to raise employee engagement. Replacing dated documents and software is one efficient approach to achieving this. Additionally, doing so enhances teamwork and communication.

Onboarding is one process that would benefit from being digitized and made simpler. For instance, by getting rid of repetitive chores ingrained in Excel checklists, staff engagement will flourish. Employee onboarding will be more enticing if they implement engaging workflows. Data entry is also minimized by using variables in workflow form fields. Thanks to technology, you’ll have more time to quickly train new employees.

What does HR digital transformation look like in practice?

Digital Onboarding

Thousands of employees who were employed after the pandemic began have never stepped foot in a company’s headquarters. This will continue to be a challenge as hybrid and remote work become more common, including digital onboarding.

In certain areas, the traditional process of new recruits experiencing a couple of anxious days as they get to know their coworkers and the workplace culture has been replaced by an ongoing sense of alienation from their employer’s business and corporate culture.

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A comprehensive HR digital transformation will direct you to tools designed exclusively for staff onboarding. There, at scale, you can design individualized and engaging (even entertaining) staff onboarding programs.

Great digital onboarding is planned and strategic, and it makes new workers feel welcomed, supported, and prepared to do their best work.

People Analytics

In order to increase employee performance, engagement, and productivity, people analytics is the use of data-driven decision-making in HR activities. People analytics are used by organizations to improve decisions related to hiring, succession planning, employee retention, and talent management.

Humanity and culture may not immediately come to mind when you hear the word “analytics,” but they are nonetheless at the core of this HR digital transformation. The information you gather will be put to use in helping your staff members succeed and enjoy their jobs more.

Shred outdated processes with hr digital transformation

AI-Powered Applicant Tracking Systems

It makes sense that many larger businesses have deployed applicant tracking systems that are powered by AI (ATS). No one can afford to pass on a great candidate in a competitive market where so many people are changing jobs.

Before human views, the application, AI-powered applicant monitoring systems use pre-programmed filters using keywords, abilities, years of experience, education, etc. to weed out unqualified candidates.

Digital Adoption Platforms

Employees may perceive the adoption of new software as yet another obstacle in the way of getting their work done, but much of this reluctance (and even a tendency to cling to outdated solutions) can be overcome when workers are confident they won’t have to figure it out on their own or endure a steep learning curve. With step-by-step walk-throughs for the capabilities your employees utilize the most, digital adoption platforms give employees an interactive opportunity to learn while they are on the job.

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Like any significant change, HR digital transformation must begin with a mental shift. While carrying on, as usual, is simple, you need to first persuade yourself that making a change is necessary and worthwhile. Contact us to plan your digital transformation process today.

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