Create a strong team with 5 practical and strategic HR management policies

Create a strong team with 5 practical and strategic HR management policies

What Is a Human Resources (HR) Policy?

Human resources policies serve as standards for hiring, remuneration, leave, training, advancement, work conditions, termination, and other crucial operations. A company’s treatment of its employees and assets is also outlined in its strategic HR policies. They are created by HR managers with assistance from the management of the organization. It’s crucial to list the policies in advance of problems so you’ll be prepared to handle them.

The advantages of HR policies

Developing and putting into action strategic HR policies can reduce liability. Well-written policies will provide executives with direction based on compliance requirements since they’re intended to ensure employee-related activities are fair and consistent across the organization. 

Create a strong team with 5 practical and strategic HR management policies

Strategic HR regulations, for instance, should assist managers in applying uniform treatment to all staff members, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Policies will be in place to address the concerns if problems arise.

When difficulties do arise, you may act quickly and save time by not continually considering how to resolve similar situations thanks to spelled-out procedures. You could also be obligated by law to share some of this information. Additionally, it is easier for both the company and the employee to deal with requests for time off when a policy is formalized and then helps employees understand where to find things like the leave policy. 

Clearly stating policies promotes employee engagement and aids in their understanding of how to handle crucial career transitional points like onboarding, promotions, and offboarding. Industry-specific rules might be different. However, employee engagement and retention are crucial in all industries, whether you work in manufacturing, retail, or the restaurant industry, and strategic HR rules help set the stage for success.

5 Practical and strategic HR management policies

Recruiting and hiring policies

Forms including new position requisition forms, referral forms, and assessment forms, are included in pre-hire policies. Create a formal onboarding procedure that includes W-4 tax forms. Think about standardizing the contract or offer letter, interview, and selection procedures.

Employment classifications and benefits

Full-time, part-time, exempt, and non-exempt employees are some common classifications. These categories aid in determining who is eligible for employee perks and overtime pay.

To make sure your business complies with the law and to clearly state the qualifying requirements for benefits, consult local and federal laws.

Create a strong team with 5 practical and strategic HR management policies

Educate staff on safety and emergency protocols. Informing employees on how to report workplace accidents is crucial since it ensures that any harm sustained at work is reported as soon as possible. 

You may need to develop industry-specific safety measures to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act rules, so look for them. Using dangerous chemicals or large machines, for instance.

Paid time off

It should be clear how to apply for time off and what steps to take. Vacation time, sick days, and personal days are all considered paid time off. This section can also cover policies for other types of leave, such as family or bereavement leave. 

Employers must also evaluate whether rules permit paid time off to be carried over to the following calendar year. 

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Disciplinary actions

These need to address the grounds for disciplinary action that could lead to termination and can encompass a variety of policies, including those about attendance and anti-harassment. These rules should outline the progression of sanctions, such as the switch from oral to written warnings.



It may be simpler to enforce policies if there are clear instructions for doing so. Setting a good example by adhering to the rules with those you directly supervise can help ensure consistent, fair enforcement. Contact us for the best paperless policy suggestions.

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