Document Acknowledgement Feature In Zoho People

What is Document Acknowledgement?

When sharing circulars, memos, newsletters, and other important documents, it is necessary to confirm that the intended employees have received and read the document.

Document Acknowledgement feature requires employees to manually acknowledge the received documents so the person sharing can be certain that it has reached the intended recipient and that they have acknowledged the document.

How to use Document Acknowledgement feature?

  1. Navigate to Files > Organization Files > Select + Add 
  1. Now upload the required document and enable Acknowledgement. In the Share with space, you can select the entity, location, or department you would like to share the document with. You can also enable notifications and change any option as required. Click Submit to save.
  1. Now the Organization file is added to Zoho People and the document acknowledge feature will be enabled for this file.

Acknowledging a document (Employee)

When viewing a document, Employees can acknowledge the document from the preview screen using the checkbox ‘I acknowledge that I have read this document’ on the bottom left.

Additionally, from the files list view, employees can acknowledge a document by clicking on the yellow acknowledge icon within the Organization Files page.

You can see Acknowledgment icon color codes in the image below:

Acknowledging a document (Admin)

Administrators can acknowledge documents by clicking the ellipsis icon when hovering over a particular file and selecting the View Acknowledgements option, followed by Submit.

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Additionally, Administrators can also acknowledge documents directly from the Files > Reports > Acknowledgment screen shown below.

Viewing Document Acknowledgement Reports

Administrators can see the number of employees who have acknowledged the document by navigating to Files Reports Acknowledgement. Admins can also acknowledge documents from the same window. This view provides an overview of all the files that require acknowledgment along with the number of confirmed acknowledgments received. 

Source: Zoho

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