Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

In order to stay ahead of the competition, many businesses are turning to digital transformation. This strategy helps companies improve their efficiency and better serve their customers. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these five successful digital transformation companies. Each one has found a unique way to use technology to their advantage and achieve impressive results. Read on to learn more about their strategies and see how you can apply them in your own business.

How does digital transformation work?

Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

Digital transformation (DX) is the incorporation of digital technology into all aspects of a company’s operations. These result in major changes in its operation and can have a considerable impact on customer satisfaction and product quality. New and innovative goods and services are emerging as a result of DX.

DX is more than just the digitization of information. The digitization of information is an essential component of any digital transformation, but it is only a means to an end. Full DX employs digital data, but the transformation process does not begin with its utilization.

Why is there a digital shift in businesses?

The benefits of digital transformation can be evident at many levels of an organization’s operation, including how personnel operates, how business processes work, and how data is collected, analyzed, and used.

Companies may reduce operational costs while also increasing process efficiency owing to DX. This results in lower operating expenses as well as improved customer service, production planning, and supply chain management.

5 examples of successful digital transformation companies


Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

The Swedish furniture company is one of the digital transformation case studies that demonstrate how DX may revolutionize a traditional organization. IKEA is improving the shopping experience of its customers and lowering its costs as a result of new technologies.

TaskRabbit was bought by the corporation in 2017. This is a website where you may look for someone to assist you with assembling or transporting IKEA furniture to your apartment. In addition, Augmented Reality is used in the IKEA Place application to help buyers choose furniture and digitally “furnish” the apartment before making purchases in the shop.


Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

The first illustration of digital transformation at LEGO was its 1997 debut in the video game business. Games have since become an important component of company promotion, influencing the sale of their blocks. The games are mostly free, which improves the promotional value of the products.

LEGO is also looking into 3D printing options and has built a website to collect client suggestions for block sets.


Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

Being one of the most successful digital transformation companies, the leader in the sports footwear sector has started focusing on mobile devices. It makes use of cutting-edge technologies such as recommendation algorithms and machine learning.

The company has developed, among other things, a smartphone application that assists in selecting the right type of shoe based on a leg scan. Furthermore, the NIKE Plus program, which rewards the most engaged loyalty program members, is an important company effort.

The digital transformation of NIKE demonstrates that innovation may also contribute to the modernization of internal company operations.

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Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

This software sales leader has so long relied on the Windows operating system provided in BOX and OEM versions, as well as the typically installed Microsoft Office. However, the corporation decided to adapt to changing customer needs rather than focusing solely on Windows.

More open APIs must be developed in order for programmers to have easier access to Microsoft products. Additionally, the business purchased items from GitHub, LinkedIn, and Minecraft. All of this creates new avenues for market demands in the digital age.


Get motivated with 5 successful digital transformation companies

The most “analog” entertainment would appear to be found in Disney World parks. Moreover, the brand has increased visitor experience and emerged as one of the best instances of digital transformation.

Users of the platform (10 million on the day of launch alone!) now have access to the newest Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films. Additionally, the library offers a wide variety of other productions, giving Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO GO stiff competition. It is the most popular Disney digital offering.


Referring to these successful digital transformation companies if you’re feeling motivated to start your own digital transformation journey or simply want to learn more about what this process looks like, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts has helped countless businesses undergo successful transformations and would be happy to share our insights with you.

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