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Strategies of HR

It goes without a doubt that HR is the backbone of every organisation.  Regardless of the size of the business, the HR team has a lot to take care of and works round the clock to make sure that the functioning of the organization is smooth and without glitches. The HR department comes up with a strategic plan for the working. These HR strategies are intended to help them in the long run. 

Recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, performance management, appraisals, wages and salaries, engagement and there are a myriad of other areas where HR plays an important role. In the midst of all this bustle, it is of paramount importance to lay down a strategy which will act as the foundation stone for the HR and the company to grow. 

The strategies are bound to change every year or two as a result of various external factors like change in company policy, recession, change in management and the like wise.

The five main points to keep in mind while laying down the strategies of HR are:

1.Understand the Organisational Goal

The HR strategy must resonate with the goal of the organization, else there will be an overlap and will result in a clash. 

Before creating a strategy for themselves, the HR must sit with the concerned and understand what the organizational goals are and how the organization is planning to implement them. This alignment is important because only then it will be effectively. 

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The two are mutually dependent and even the slightest change in one can affect the other drastically. For instance, if the organization is planning to cut back on its expenditure and the HR takes up a strategy with increased number of incentives in shorter intervals, there will inevitably be a clash. 

2.Define the problem statement

The HR must outline a mission statement which is a compact description of what they are hoping to achieve. Before preparing the statement, the HR should

  • Have a clear idea about things which have gone wrong in the past. Ideas which worked well for the company, what the company has been doing and keep an eye open to the past strategies.
  • Do a thorough environmental research. A sound research will give a 720 degree evaluation and can help in laying down the initial design of the strategy. Environmental research also encompasses understanding the nuances of the environment in which the company operates. Understand the economy and the current happenings in the financial realm. This will give an idea about the stand which the HR can take in terms of hiring and layoff. 
  • Anticipate what might come along . Have an eye to foresee what might happen in the near future. Get the facts right and then one can lay down the effective strategies of HR.

3.Include your HR personnel

This goes without a question. It is important to make sure that the HR team is incorporated while positioning the strategy so that there are lesser confusions in the future. Allocating individual goals and taking in ideas will become streamlined if there is a group huddle before making the strategies of HR. with the advancement in technology, this has become simple

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4.Understand the requirements

Have a thorough understanding about the kind of talent your organisation needs. A vague understanding about the needs will only affect the organisational set up in the long run. As the HR, you will have to sit with all the other departments and understand their expectations. As the saying goes, you can exceed the expectations only when you know what the expectations are. These can be made easy if your HR processes are automated with a people platform.

5.Align your strategy with the budget

There are a lot of prerequisites for laying down an HR strategy. In addition to the above discussed, a clarity over the budget assorted to the department and work efficiently to make sure that the initiatives taken fall under or within the budget.
HR is an intricate department which helps the company breathe. It plays the pivotal role of connecting, collaborating and managing. Doing a thorough scan of the environment is essential.

Source: People Hum

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