What are the superior features of zoho people plus?

What are the superior features of zoho people plus?

About ​Zoho People Plus

An employee experience platform called Zoho People Plus aids in keeping people at the core of an organization’s HR strategy. From the moment of hiring to retirement, Zoho People Plus is intended to support the employee journey. The day-to-day HR tasks, payroll, costs, performance evaluation, training and development, and communication are all made easier for HR professionals with the aid of this tool.

Superior features of Zoho People

Zoho People Plus allows you to:

Operating System

What are the superior features of zoho people plus?

With Zoho People Plus, you can manage the full employee life span on a single integrated platform while providing your employees with great digital HR experiences. They’ve got it covered when it comes to creating fantastic teams, empowering them, and maintaining their engagement.

Applicant Tracking System

With the ATS feature, you may decrease your hiring time, cost per recruit, and hiring quality. Get an overview of the applicant’s follow-up procedure after each interview by automating your hiring process with customized procedures. Then you can identify your hiring needs in advance and use KPIs to gauge the effectiveness of your hiring.

Recruit and Onboarding

What are the superior features of zoho people plus?

You can manage every stage of the employee lifecycle with the aid of Zoho People Plus, including recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and employee empowerment. The system provides the tools you need at each level, including an applicant tracking system, expenditure management, and an internal portal that promotes staff involvement.

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The likelihood that you will keep your staff for many years to come increases when your onboarding procedure is flawless. Now, use Zoho People Plus to make it happen.

Letter Management

To remain competitive, HR professionals thrive on creating a positive workplace and culture. The key to this is the people you choose to work with. View the status of open positions and gather critical information during the hiring process with data-driven recruiting.

Zoho People offers letters that are no longer sent out in hard copies. It directly initiates from your ATS, has them signed, and preserves them digitally in your HR documents so you may access them whenever you need to.

Employee Optimization

What are the superior features of zoho people plus?

Businesses have to utilize beneficial technology to create a positive work environment. With the help of Zoho People Plus, your employees can connect in a variety of fun ways that boost productivity and engagement. 

It can be used to describe active teamwork and team participation. Create a platform for communication inside the group and even between teams to allow ideas to flow freely, discussions to be completed more quickly, and collective decision-making for the most important decisions.

Talent management doesn’t need to be a tiresome procedure. You can manage and keep your outstanding employees while preparing mediocre performers for success in the future with Zoho People Plus. Give them chances to grow professionally and learn new things.

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