4 Types Of HR Reports

It goes without saying that human resources (HR) department is one of the most pivotal sectors within your organization. HR department can make or break a business. They go all the way to ensure that the right talent is hired, recruited and retained. Moreover, interactive HR reports offer businesses the means to better understand their personnel, spot emerging problems or issues, and deploy proactive solutions to manage their resources in a more fluent, result-driven fashion.

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The HR department works in myriad ways to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization. It takes care of learning and development, operations, filling the talent gaps, onboarding, addressing employee grievance and what not. It becomes crucial for the HR department to maintain HR reports so as to keep a tab on the pivotal happenings around them.

1. HR Administration Reports

New Hire Budget/Analysis

This report, as the name suggests provides a list of all employees that have been newly hired within a defined date range. The report also contains details such as annual salary, employment status and the like.

Terminations Budget/Analysis

This report contains the list of all employees who have been terminated from employment within a defined date range.  The report also details the salary of the terminated employees, whether they have been replaced with a new hire and the reason for termination, whether it was voluntary, involuntary and likewise.

Rehired Terminations Budget/Analysis

This report contains the list of those employees who were terminated by the employer and were rehired. The report also encompasses details such as salary information, current employment status, original hire date, and prior termination date.

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This is a part of the monthly HR reports that gives an analysis of the number of terminated employees which is the monthly turnover rate. Sometimes, it becomes hard for the organization to retain employees and it may lead to a massive turnover. The organization then develops strategies to bring down their turnover rate.

Paid Leave Analysis

This report is used to create an assembled summary of available paid leave for a specific group of employees. It provides details such as the number of paid leave left, the hours that have been taken, the salary of the particular employee and the likewise.

Leave Administration

This report provides details about the employees placed “On Leave” within a particular date period. This report is used to generate a list of employees on extended leave. It includes details such as the type of leave, leave, whether it is paid leave, leave duration, and return date.

Employee Change History

This report gives a summary of changes that have been made to an employee profile over a specified period of time. It might be marital status, residential information and likewise

Status Change

This report provides a summary of all employee records where a specific type of account change has been executed within a defined date range. This report is used to identify accounts affected by specific types of data adjustments, including pay rate, job code, hire date, or termination.

2. Equal Employment Opportunity Reports

Equal employment opportunity is a pivotal concept for employees and employers alike. It ensures that there is no bias towards a specific gender, race or age group among employees.

New Hires Information

This report will give the details of the new hires and other data specific to the equal employment opportunity reports.

Terminations  Information

This report is a variation of the standard Terminations report, including additional employee personal data specific to Equal Employment Opportunity analysis.

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Rehired Terminations

This report is a type of the standard Rehired Terminations report, including additional employee personal data with respect to equal employment opportunity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Headcount

This report provides employee information in the government-specified equal employment opportunity format.  The government mandates the filing of this form for all employers with more than 100 employees.

HR reports - All you need to know |

3. Miscellaneous HR Reports

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Employee Engagement Reports

It is important for every organization to have a good employee engagement strategy. Disengaged employees will cost the organizations and we have discussed it in our previous blogs. Employee engagement reports can provide an analysis of the employee engagement activities’ performance or the most engaged teams.

Certain human capital management platforms give a detailed report of the same with analytics which makes it all the more easier for HR department, team leads and managers alike.

Employee Transfers

This report provides a list of all employees transferred to a new company using the Employee Transfer EAN with an effective date in the defined date range. The reports include both old and new companies .

Years of Service

This report provides tenure information for all employees within the organization.  Use this report to perform analysis on staff experience by department, job title, location, or other employee classes.


This report provides employment anniversary date information for all employees within the organization.  Use the report to create a summary of employee anniversary dates for use in recognition programs or other business purposes.

Emergency Contact

This report provides a summary list of current Emergency Contacts designated for each employee within the organization, including contact name, telephone number, and relationship to the employee.


This report provides a summary list of current contact information designated for each employee within the organization, including employee address, telephone number, and email address.

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This report provides a summary list of current home telephone number information designated for each employee within the organization.


This report provides a summary list of birthday information (excluding year of birth) for each employee within the organization.

Mailing Labels

This report provides a summary list of employee address information to create formatted labels in Microsoft Word and Excel .

Workplace Safety Reports

Employee Grievance Reports

It is very common for employees to file grievances and it is pivotal for the HR department to address this grievance and maintain a report of the same.

Worker’s Compensation Audit

This report provides a report on the compensation of the employees, the laborers.

Worker’s Compensation Census

This report provides a detailed analysis of the compensation given to the employees, the wages, the time that it was given at, any changes in the wages or salary and the likewise.

Safety Reports

The HR department is responsible for making a report pertaining to the safety at workplace. Especially in the case of industries with an inclination to hazards such as chemical industries, construction sites, etc. They are supposed to maintain a report detailing any mishaps or accidents, casualties, losses, etc.


It is pivotal for the Hr department to keep their reports up to date and organized. HR reports can have a direct impact on employee retention and even productivity. A constantly updated health reports, wellness reports, etc will make the employees feel valued and worthy at the workplace and hence have a reflection on retention.

The employee engagement reports will help the managers and team leads to get a better understanding of the teams and individuals who are engaged and can do the needful to alter their engagement activities accordingly. It is safe to say that HR is the breath and life of an organization.

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