Must-have CRM integration to expand your business

Must-have CRM integration to expand your business

Learn how these third-party applications can be integrated with your CRM software (CRM integration) to improve customer interactions and streamline corporate processes.

Companies can manage a sea of data while gaining a deeper understanding of their clients with the aid of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. However, it’s crucial that it integrates with the other programs and equipment your business regularly employs in order to fully make use of the advantages of your CRM system. 

What is CRM integration?

CRM integration is the process of integrating your primary CRM software with third-party tools and apps to combine their functionalities into a single platform.

The systems that store and organize your customer data function as smartphones. So, consider CRM (like Zoho CRM and HubSpot) to be your company’s smartphone. 

However, like previous phones, simple CRM solutions just offer contact list management as a capability. On the other hand, CRM products with additional features resemble modern smartphones. A complete CRM system offers features and programs that make it easier for you to use your CRM tools more creatively.

Must-have CRM integration to expand your business

Besides, numerous software programs are used by businesses, including email clients, accounting programs, and social networking dashboards. With so many different tools, you wind up with data silos, which are separated areas of data that some teams cannot access. This data segmentation breaks down client profiles, making it harder for your CRM to follow a customer’s journey.

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However, by using a CRM solution as an integrated hub for all of these systems, you can build a flexible, integrated workflow with vital information readily available to all parties. You may always add or remove any one of the tens of thousands of applications from your CRM system to best suit your needs.

Communication CRM integrations

CRM integrations help connect task as internal messaging, phone and video applications, calendars, and email platforms.

Email and calendar platforms

The majority of task management programs, including Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, feature integrated calendars that schedule meetings and communications across their networks.

Over 70% of individuals use a digital calendar as their main timekeeper, but because so many services have platform-specific schedules and reminder systems, time management may get complicated. Time management can be challenging and ineffective due to the scheduling of meetings on many platforms.

One single calendar is created when your task management application is integrated with your CRM system. Every time a meeting is scheduled in the main CRM hub, a task management tool, or any integrated program, the main calendar is updated automatically.

Must-have CRM integration to expand your business

Internal messaging

Options for internal communications could soon replace external outreach as the favored strategy. 

Instant messaging should be compatible with the same schedule and contact list across all main systems, just like emails and calendar invites. The corporate directory is combined with your instant messaging platform, which improves team communication.

Legal CRM integrations

Applications for accounting and billing, proposals and papers, and time and attendance monitoring are examples of common legal CRM interfaces.

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Accounting and billing

All transactions need to be must be manually entered repeatedly into accounting software that runs separately from your CRM program. That procedure can be made simpler by integrating the best accounting software with your CRM program.

Any transaction that takes place on an interconnected platform instantly updates the related accounts. Balances are always up to date, and finalizing many agreements at once may leave you short on time to examine multiple financial records to determine if one is outdated.

Must-have CRM integration to expand your business

Proposals and documents

It is the last thing you want to do when a customer is ready to conclude a deal that you are looking to waste time looking for the required papers. Connect document and file-sharing services like Dropbox to your CRM to securely share files, and retain pertinent files tied to the client profiles they are associated with.


A CRM system will help you expand and streamline your business processes, giving you a leg up on the competition. SmartOSC DX is a leading provider of CRM integration services, and we can help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you integrate your CRM system and improve your bottom line.

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