Speed up the buyer’s journey with CRM platform

Speed up the buyer’s journey with CRM platform

Sales reps are always looking for ways to speed up the buyer’s journey, and that’s where our CRM platform comes in.

A good CRM platform is designed to help sales reps connect with buyers faster and more efficiently. It provides a single view of the customer so you can see all interactions across all channels. This way, you can spend less time tracking down information and more time building relationships.

Why is it necessary to reply to leads more quickly?

The most valuable resource we have is time. Customers naturally choose sellers who respect their time and don’t keep them waiting for a response over those who do. Here are a few statistics that support this assertion:

Speed up the buyer’s journey with CRM platform
  • In 50% of cases, customers choose the seller who replies first.
  • Lead conversions are increased by 391% when a response is made inside the first minute.
  • After five minutes, leads are ten times less likely to reply.
  • Poor response times can result in a 15% increase in churn.

Your prospects of generating revenue decrease as you respond more slowly. Now, how can you ensure that you deliver top-notch lead responses in the quickest amount of time while securing your bag? Keep reading!

How to use CRM platform to expedite response time

Create a lead rating system to rank responses in priority

Not every lead is the same. Some are inevitably more useful to your business than others because they have a larger purchase intent along with a typically more immense business value. The various lead kinds depend on where they enter your pipeline in the sales process.

  • Marketing Collected Lead (MCL). Cold leads are first-time participants in a marketing campaign who have not yet met the requirements to be sent to sales.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). A lead who had participated in marketing campaigns on several occasions and fit the buyer group’s established persona.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). An opportunity is deemed to have been established after MQL’s consent to meet with a salesperson (SQL).
  • Sales Accepted Lead (SAL). The lead becomes a SAL and is prepared to advance to the following stage of the sales funnel after the meeting and when the SDR (Sales Development Representative) and AE (Account Executive) concur that there is a buying potential and the lead is a good match for the business.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). An MQL may be regarded as a closed, re-engaged lead if it is unresponsive or does not meet the criteria to be nurtured over time. They might still offer a chance to sell.

Establish automatic notifications

Your sales team can be automatically sent hundreds of leads, but if your sales representatives are unaware that they have a new lead to work with, none of it will matter.

Speed up the buyer’s journey with CRM platform

The next stage in using a CRM platform to speed up reaction times is to set up automated notifications for any significant changes that take place in the sales pipeline. When a task is generated, you should set up a pipeline that immediately sends relevant salespeople one or more notifications via their preferred method of contact.

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Automate the initial interaction

It takes time for sales representatives to respond to notifications and get in touch with leads, even when your system is working overtime to assign tasks to them and alert them via all available channels.

A manual initial interaction could be a ticking timebomb ready to destroy your company and rob you of a deal. There are so many potential problems:

  • Because they are not at work, your sales representative misses the notification.
  • Your rep’s work is being slowed down by problematic office WiFi.
  • It takes your sales rep some time to find the right answer because it is hidden beneath a mountain of unrelated outreach communications.
  • Your sales representative makes a mistake and sends the lead the erroneous welcome email.
  • All of your sales representatives are in bed when the lead reaches you because they are all in different time zones.
Speed up the buyer’s journey with CRM platform

Implementing a CRM platform can benefit your company in numerous ways, including improved communication, increased efficiency, and higher conversion rates. Don’t let manual initial interactions hold you back, invest in a CRM platform and watch as your sales skyrocket.

Take advantage of email templates

To speed up response times, more than just the initial outreach needs at least some amount of automation. Even if following interactions with leads are less predictable and might sometimes go in unexpected directions, you can still plan and react to their needs more quickly.

Prepare a variety of ready-made responses to make your life easier. Create templates for each of the most typical lead requests on the list to accomplish that. 

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Walking your customer through the buyer’s journey doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. By using a CRM platform, you can speed up the process and make it easier for both you and your customer. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you streamline your buyer’s journey, contact us today. Our team would be happy to walk you and show you how a CRM platform can benefit your business.

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