The dilemma of global human resource management

The dilemma of global human resource management

Technology advancements have made it easier to communicate across borders and cultures, and HR has expanded to a worldwide scale. Adopting a global approach to HR can lead to a number of HR-related challenges in corporate settings since global HR places an emphasis on diversity, multiculturalism, and interdependency.

The term global HR management refers to significant duties on a global scale. Every time a business expands worldwide, they are met with a lot of difficulties, which is the dilemma with global human resource management. Therefore, building a great global human resources team is essential to becoming global.

What is global human resources management?

The dilemma of global human resource management

Global human resource management entails doing standard HRM tasks on a global scale. In an international setting, IHRM enables an organization to manage its goals without compromising its competitive edge.

The concept behind conventional HRM and global HRM is very similar. To speed up international HRM operations, an IHRM specialist is typically in charge of managing tasks like hiring new talent, onboarding and training them, and managing appraisals.

Importance of Global Human Resource Management

The dilemma of global human resource management

Operations of all kinds are under the management of global human resources. Most nations moved into a state of general lockdown as the virus hit the world. But there was no stopping for organizations. To keep the work flowing, businesses have to continue operating digitally. 30% of all employees worldwide are now compelled by Covid-19 to work remotely. This will likely clarify the significance of IHRM.

Multinational workforce management is now simpler than ever, thanks to global HRM. No matter where an employee lives, seamless payment of salaries and benefits is ensured via global human resource management. Offering employees what they deserve without taking into account any geographic barriers in the way is part of an IHRM professional’s duty. ‍

What makes global HRM different? 

The conventional workforce needs of an organization are addressed, as well as the new aspects brought about by companies doing business on international platforms and at international scales.

This function examines how worldwide variations, including both subtle and pronounced, are taken into account across the board, from hiring to retention, compensation, and business culture. These may consist of legal factors, economic factors, and cultural factors.

Challenges of Global human resource management

The dilemma of global human resource management

One of the main difficulties in managing a diverse workforce is on a worldwide scale. Building and maintaining a diverse workforce where all workers can remain engaged and there are no cultural gaps is the responsibility of IHRM experts.

Global HRM experts must build a bridge between executives and staff in a global setting to establish an open line of communication. This can be quite difficult, especially in a global setting.

Another significant problem in global human resource management is eliminating gender-based discrimination and implementing equal pay across many MNC subsidiaries.



Operations in the organization can be kept under management by global HR managers. A multinational firm has to have the necessary talent, management mobility, and cultural balance to manage all of its operating units and expansion possibilities efficiently.

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